Elemental Material

Timber, Stone, and Iron.  Inspired by the works of our ancestors world-over, we strive to honor and celebrate in our time, the materials which they so masterfully harvested, quarried, refined, worked, and created with in theirs.



Over the millennia and with vastly different style and technique, humankind excelled in the use of Timber, Stone, and Iron.  Each civilization created monuments highlighting their ability to shape these materials, by hand, with an extraordinary level of accuracy and skill. We want that to continue.


Evolved Design

The individually unique properties of natural materials make them highly adaptable, even to the demands of modern design and engineering.  Our inspiration comes from buildings of old, yet we insist on and undeniably enjoy finding new and creative ways to push the materials further.


Timeless Craftsmanship

Our  focus is on a very humbling, rewarding and uncompromising goal:  Make every piece of our work indistinguishable in craftsmanship from the Master Timber Wrights, Stone Masons, and Blacksmiths that came before us.  The bar has already been set, and we'd like to meet it.